Group Fitness For Women

PTFit Face 2 Face group sessions are not your typical “bootcamp” but instead are for women in or approaching their 40’s & beyond who just want to feel amazing & move their bodies in a way that is suitable to them while gaining strength & fitness & living a lifestyle that is right for them – one where they are in control

Each session is different with modifications as needed to suit your current ability, fitness level & respect your body!  

You can be reassured that you won’t be asked to do hundreds of star jumps, burpees and crunches!

Expect specifically designed sessions that are safe for you and that will ensure you will look and feel your best, become strong, fit, toned,  have endless energy & confidence which will enable you to lead a beautiful & abundant life!

  • No need to join a gym
  • Push to point of exhaustion or pain
  • Feel embarrassed because you don’t know what to do
  • Feel like you can’t keep up because you’re not “athletic enough.” 
  • Dread the thought of drawing attention to yourself or being criticised

With PTFit there will be no yelling, no getting super dirty, feeling super uncomfortable or asking your body to do things you just know it can’t!

We are not your typical boot-camp!   We are instead a bunch of friendly, welcoming, women!  Each session is different, motivating and fun all with a focus on getting you the results you want with your health & fitness & helping you to feel amazing & live life your way!

By joining the PTFit community you will be joining a place where you belong!

Come along and try a FREE session first.

Meet all the current members, experience a session and find out how you can start your own journey to living life your way – feeling amazing, confident, strong & in control!

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PTFit is more than a bootcamp, more than just training....

For women who wish to workout/train using methods that get amazing results, but who also don’t want to hurt themselves, feel uncomfortable, do any long term damage to their bodies, who have injuries or limitations that need modifications.

We are for women who still have a lot of life to live but just need an alternative to the “general population” of training options out there.

Find a place where you belong!

These Group Sessions (not boot-camp) offer you:

  • Women specific body care options that are safe & gets results!
  • An understanding of current body limitations/fitness with many different options to modify but still get you results!
  • Over 15 years experience training women with proven results!
  • A new way of training so you can live the life the way you want, in a body that is strong, fit & healthy & where you are in control of you!

PTFit 1 on 1

Personalised sessions just for you!

Join me in a face 2 face session at my home studio or via ZOOM for a virtual experience!

These sesionss are you & me together working on transforming YOU!

Learn how to really “nail the lifestyle” with inspiring, motivating and challenging sessions that will get you awesome results.

Great if you are trying to rediscover your confidence and just want to do it quietly by yourself for now.

  • Private VIP FB page
  • Free Bonus Content to excite, challenge & motivate you to ensure you get the most amazing results!
  • FREE phone or Zoom consultation to chat all about you & your goals & how I can help you achieve your health & fitness dreams!  Click below to book your phone/Zoom call!

PTFit Small Group

The best of both my PTFit Group sessions & 1 on 1 combined.

  • Only 3 ladies per group – you and 2 friends who get to share the cost but enjoy the personalised approach in a private environment where you will all share this awesome journey together!
  • Start your own mini group or register now to join the wait list for existing sessions!
  • Private VIP FB page
  • Free Bonus Content to excite, challenge & motivate you to ensure you get the most amazing results!

PTFit Virtual

Perfect for busy ladies unable to get to any of my Face to Face sessions & enjoy training online!

  • 2 x Virtual 30 min Live workouts + rerecorded replay -Join the group live or if you can’t make it watch & do the recorded reply at a time that you is suitable for you!  Make sure you do the whole workout & let me know what the “word” of the day is so I know you have completed the circuit!
  • DIY  @ home circuit  (15-30 minutes) – Each week you will get an extra circuit that will be between 15-30 minutes long – a video demonstrating the exercises & a printable PDF.
  • Access to 2 x Private VIP FB page
  • Free Bonus Content – such as monthly challenges to excite, challenge & motivate you to ensure you get the most amazing results!

Special combo packs available for all - contact me now to find out more.