About Fi

Hi I am Fi & I help women just like you become the women they want to be!

*Women’s Only Personal Trainer & Business Owner since 2006

*Mum since 2010 – 2 monkeys

*Wife since 2005

Hello wonderful, beautiful ladies!
I am Fi and the creator of PTFit.  I help women just like you, busy, & confused with all the information around health & fitness find a way to make it simple, to make it work for you for life because life should be enjoyed and it shouldn’t be complicated or hard!
If you are sick of starting over and over with diets and exercise plans that aren’t suited to you then I am here to help you finally sort it all out, so there is no more starting over and over, wasting money, time and energy!
PTFit is all about helping to support & empower busy women who have experienced a  bit of life, who are generally in their mind 30’s to 60’s – women just like you discover the way to fit exercise back into their life, to lose weight naturally, build strength & fitness while developing a positive mindset about yourself and life balance on the way.
My focus is helping women to prioritise themselves & their own self care, to help them build strength, get fit & lose weight by offering smart, safe & time efficient programs that deliver results because once you feel confident again and reignite that passion, you can and will achieve anything you set your sights on.
I LOVE what I do and believe that as women we need to ensure we put ourselves first so we can be happy. Happy in all aspects of our life! Because when we do, then we truly shine and can get “stuff” done!
My mission is to give you strength, not only physically but the strength to prioritise yourself, to give yourself permission to take time out for you, the strength to feel fabulous, the strength to live life the way you want in a body that is strong and serves you best!
There is so much misguided information out there when it comes to health & fitness and it can send you in to whirlpool of confusion!
My coaching will help you remove all the confusion and simplify it back down!
My programs are for women who want a smart & efficient way to train – who don’t want to spend hours exercising or following restrictive food plans. They are for women who want to train safely for their body, their current fitness, their injuries and for women who actually know what to eat but just need to fine tune it and to overcome all the confusion around food.
If you are ready to stop feeling tired, want to feel sexy again, want to enjoy life and live it your way, then it is never to late to start!
Together we can do this and I am so excited to start this journey with you!
Don’t waste another day – let’s start NOW!
Life Experience – as I mentioned above I have had 2 children.  With both pregnancies I gained over 20kgs (I stop counting at 20kgs).
I have gone through my own weight loss journey and have had first hand experience with recovering from a weakened pelvic floor, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), weakened core and going through the strengthening and rebuilding phase. 
With my 2nd baby, I prolapsed when I was 15 weeks pregnant and as a consequence had to have a hysterectomy at 36 years when my bubs was just 8 months old. 
Since this experience I have spent many hours studying and understanding how to train women effectively and safely so as to optimised the results women can get while ensuring you don’t do any long term damage later on in life.
 I am now in my 40’s and am entering the next stage of my journey with changes in hormones and “things”, I used to do, not working as well as they use to!  
With my life experience along with my knowledge and years of experience working with women & transforming bodies & minds you can be ensured that my goal is to help you go from go from feeling  flabby, unfit and having no energy levels to feeling confident in your clothes and having unlimited amounts of energy to get through the day and do the things you love.”
If you like to know what qualifications I have then here they are:
  • Diploma in Sports Studies – Otago University
  • Certificate In Fitness Industry Training – Christchurch Polytechnic
  • REPS Registered Trainer
  • I have been in the fitness industry since 2000, training clients since 2003 & specialsing in Women’s Health & Fitness since 2004


Phone or Text: 021 878 348

Email: 021 878 348

Face to Face sessions are all based in Halswell, Christchurch, NZ