The Menopause Wellness hub

The Menopause Wellness Hub NZ – helping women in NZ navigate their way through perimenopause, menopause & post-menopause.

Bringing together a community of like-minded women who want to understand and become empowered with knowledge & acceptance.
This is a place where you can reach out and share your story with other women, who are facing the same or similar issues as you are, where you can ask the questions that you want too with out judgment or fear.
Find specialist who can help you through this transition.
Benefit from the research and information being put together in one place, a “hub” – so you don’t have to spend hours figuring it out for yourself!
Understand the changes that are happening and how you don’t have to live with them.
Know you can make a difference to how you live your life while on this journey!
Together we will discover, adapt & thrive!
Learn to love yourself again and be stronger for it!
This is the start of the journey for The Menopause Wellness Hub and we are just in the developing stages.  Please join us and help spread the word about how menopause matters and how we can empower ourselves with knowledge and understanding and seek help from those we can trust.