PTFit Strength ZoOM

PTFit Zoom Group – making strength training at home an option for you!

When: Wednesdays 6am & Fridays 6am

Where: – Online ZOOM Sessions

Creative fun sessions  designed for women who want to be strong, fit & healthy but don’t want to be treated as if they have the body, mind and goals of a 20 something!!!

Join me for 40 minutes of fitness & strength training for women in perimenopause and beyond – set up the foundations now so you can live your life how you want to!

Adapt & discover, so you can thrive now and forever!
  • Are you noticing that what you use to do is no longer working?
  • Are you gaining weight and you just can’t figure out why?
  • Feeling yuck- sore-brain fog?
  • Are your clothes not fitting like they use too?
  • Is there an unexplained change in your middle that you dislike??
  • Are you worried about your pelvic floor and leaking or prolapsing?
There is every chance you are entering the next phase of being a women-midlife!!!!
Perimenopause – Menopause – Post Menopause?
So what do you do?? Is this the end??
Do you just need to accept it????
Absolutely not!!!
What you need to is change your approach!
Strength training is an essential part to this process.
  • Bullet-proofing yourself from aging.
  • Lean muscle = improved metabolism = fat loss
  • Boosting self esteem and feelings of empowerment
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved body composition
  • Prevention against health issues and diseases such as diabetes 2, obesity and cardiovascular problems.
Increase your confidence, work with your body not against it, have the freedom to embrace life and live it your way!
Please get in contact to register your name or to find out more.
  • Just like a face 2 face session but from the comfort & safety of your own home!
  • All you will need is a pair of 3 kg dumbbells and 5kgs to start!
  • Live follow along workouts via ZOOM + recorded replay -Join the group live or if you can’t make it watch & do the recorded replay at a time that you is suitable for you!

  • Make sure you do the whole workout & let me know what the “word” of the day is so I know you have completed the circuit!

  • Access to 2 x Private VIP FB page

  • Free Bonus Content – such as monthly challenges to excite, challenge & motivate you to ensure you get the most amazing results!

*T’s & C’s apply


Fiona’s Zoom classes are great! Getting to do the session without leaving the house really suited me! Fiona is always enthusiastic, even at 6am, and while I was always able to do the classes at my own pace the encouragement from Fiona made me want to push myself harder. I really liked how it wasn’t necessary to have heaps of equipment available – Fiona always had ways of achieving a great workout with everyday household items! Definitely a great work out in a fun, supportive way!!


Fi’s early morning Zoom workouts are such an awesome way to kick start your day! I thought I would really struggle getting up for the 6am sesh but after a couple of weeks I actually found myself looking forward to it! Fi is so warm and welcoming, and her sessions are different each week which I love. She keeps an eye on you and your technique and will correct or offer alternative exercises if need be – in which case I did due to injury, so that was awesome to still be able to workout! Fi was really accommodating with this. I always get a great sweat on and feel awesome after these sessions! I can’t recommend Fi & PT Fit enough!


So I am not always the most consistent attendee at group and was a bit over Zoom after lockdown however for past 6 weeks Fiona has been running a 6 am Zoom session on a Wednesday and Friday. I have Zoomed in for 5 /6 sessions and it is great and actually enjoyed the Zoom! . Its 40 mins from woe to go and it is a great session and great way to start the day. If you have a spare 40 min on a Wednesday morning suggest you give this a go!