Lifting weights in menopause

Strength Training for women 40 plus is a must!

5 reasons why you should weight train if you are in your menopausal years!

Strength training, weight training, lifting weights, resistance training!  Whatever you call it – if you are a women in her 40’s or older then you must start lifting weights!

Here’s 5 reasons why!

  1. Weight training can help increase bone density which can decline during menopause.
  2. Weight training can help improve muscle strength and tone which can help to improve physical function and mobility.
  3. Weight training can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease,  diabetes and obesity which are all common in menopausal women.
  4. Weight training can help improve mental health, reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  These are common symptoms of perimenopause that women can experience.
  5. Weight training can help improve body composition, leading to increased muscle mass and lower body fat. Improving your overall physical appearance and increasing your confidence and self esteem. 

All awesome reasons to start lifting weights!

So what’s an ideal week of weight training look like?

If increasing your health, and lifespan is important to you, then resistance training should be a priority for you.

We want to lift weights and lift as heavy as we can because it stimulates muscle stem cells to help you make and maintain muscle. 

Ideally, you should be lifting three days a week.

It’s important to work up to lifting heavy, and if you’re new to lifting, build up a foundation of muscular endurance with more moderate weights and higher repetitions for a month or two and get comfortable moving weight.

Proper form is essential.  And this is where I can help you!

Learn how to squat, dead-lift, lunge correctly so as to get the best out of each session and without injury!

Your 40’s, 5 0’s, 60’s and beyond are not the time to stop, but instead are the time to start challenging aging by adapting to what your body needs now, not what it is use to and what you did back in your 20’s & 30’s!

You can enjoy being fit, strong, toned!

You can enjoy having muscle definition!

By following a program that starts you at a place suitable to you now and then progresses you and challenges you, you can reap the benefits with a strong, fit body that will increase your self-confidence and self-worth.

Walk down the street knowing that you are rocking life!

If you are ready to start that journey, get in contact with me today to find out what program will suit you the best.

Training Options

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