Menopause Fitness

Fitness in your 40’s, menopause!

Fitness in your 40’s, in menopause is different !

We need to stop thinking that we have and need to have the same body we did in our 20’s & 30’s!
We don’t and we shouldn’t focus on trying to keep it and/or get it back!  We are in menopause!!! 
Perimenopause or post!  Whatever stage you are at – you require a different and new approach!
It’s time to accept changes and be empowered by them!
The media and other sources still suggest that menopause is a “bad” thing!!
That it is all over and that you just need to accept the changes, the increase in body fat especially around the belly, the mood swings, the hot flushes, the lack of motivation, maybe anxiety, mood swings, the soreness, the brain fog – the list goes on!
Well ladies – your life is NOT over and you absolutely do not need to give up on living it your way and feeling absolutely awesome as you do it!!!
But what we do need to do is women is recognise that it is changing and embrace this change with a positive mindset and acceptance!
Your body will not look or feel the way it did in your 20’s and 30’s.
It may not react to the training you are doing the way it use to!
  • It may need more rest days and time to recover between workouts!
  • Your nutrition will need to be different!
  • It WILL require SLEEP!
  • It WILL need you to acknowledge any stress you have and find a way to deal with it!
  • It MAY even need help in the way of MHT/HRT or adaptogens if you want to try them! Read a great post from Dr Stacy Sims.

Stop treating your body as if it has failed you now that you can’t do what you use to, or train as hard or because it doesn’t “look” the way it use too!

Instead look forward to the next stage of your life and the fact that your body is evolving and embrace the new opportunities that are coming your way!
Be excited about the fact that you get to move, you get to lift weights, you get to be strong, you get to be fit!!
Ignore the nagging thought that is holding you back!
Your body is different!! – It may be a different shape but that does not mean you have failed or that you have to stop!
What it does enable you to do is choose – you get to choose to be a strong, fit, healthy women as you transition through your menopausal years – embrace this ladies and live your life your way in a body that serves you right now!
Think about what you want for yourself in the next 10 years!
  • Do you want to be able to be fit, strong and healthy so you can play with your kids/grand-kids?
  • Do you want to be able to travel and experience NZ (& the world eventually), and explore without any hesitations!
  • Do you want to be the women that can do anything?
What is important to you?
Do you wish to continue this menopause conversation?  Join the Menopause Wellness Hub
If you want to know more about how to train and fuel your body correctly to ensure you live a long and happy life!  Strong & fit and in control – please just reach out!