Get what you want in 2020! Stop the diets & exercise confusion roller coaster!

Are you over the confusion and overwhelming information when it comes to diet & exercise?

Have a think about all diets & exercise you have started over the years!

Think about all the energy and effort you have put into your health & fitness!

Think about the things you have started only to either stop before you even really started or stop because it was just too hard or not realistic!

Are you tired of starting over and over again, getting some results, but not lasting results?

What did you come up with?  What is the first thing that comes to mind?

We have soooo many options out there, soooooo many choices but what one do you follow?

Once upon a time – I wanted the bikini body – I actually wanted to look like Elle McPherson – she was who I grew up with – she was tall, slim and beautiful!!!!  Mmmmm that didn’t happen!

I didn’t get any taller than 165cm (if I am lucky) & my boobs certainly never blossomed like hers and I have areas of my body that I am just stuck with – never destined to be a supermodel here!

So when we think about why we exercise, why we want to get fit, what is it that we really want?

Until you get to the real reason you want to feel strong, fit and healthy then you may always be looking for that secret magic potion to change your life, to make you feel the way you think you want to feel.  You might keep spending $$$ on “that thing”, that promises you the physical changes you think you want.

Ladies it is so much more than physical appearances  – I really want 2020 to be the year we ask ourselves – what do we really want?  

I am in my 40’s now, so my hormones are and will be going through the next stage of their journey!

Asking my body to behave like it did in my 20’s or 30’s is not realistic!

I joke about “the noises”, I make when I bend down (I thought only old people made these), turns out, as fit and as strong as I am,  I make them too!!!

I have had 2 children – my pelvic floor has been through hell – my body has been stretched – my belly button is now an odd shape!  

My skin is changing – it’s not as “tight” as it used to be!  

What do I want for myself on my own health & fitness journey in 2020?  How do I want to feel? How do I want to exercise? 

Well my goals are simple – I want to be fit, strong, healthy and in charge of me!  I want to love my life and feel amazing and in control of everything I do!

I want to know I can eat anything I want and not feel guilty about it!

I want to enjoy life and enjoy my children while they are still young, so I want the energy exercising and feeling good gives me!

I want my clothes to feel good and reflect my style and not hide my body from any area I see as imperfect!  

I want to be confident and empowered to give anything and everything a go!

I want to follow an exercise plan that caters to my body, that doesn’t do me any long term damage, that understands my limitations but still provides a challenge so I can keep improving and reaching small milestones that excite and motivate me!

Ladies what do you want in 2020????

If you are ready and willing to adapt to change of feeling and looking good forever, if you are ready to make the swap to living life your way – in charge, in control then you can – join us in 2020 and see what you are truly capable of achieving! Contact me now to learn more –