Eat Mindfully

Eat mindfully

I know that you are all smart intelligent women!
I also know that you actually know what to eat and what not to eat and you don’t need to start doing some diet of the moment to actually start to see the results you want & deserve!

In fact what you actually need to do is think about why you eat and then look at what you eat.

Once you do this, I believe you will see why you aren’t getting the weight loss you want. You will see what you are actually doing to slow the results you want so badly down.

It could be as simple as stopping the glass of wine at night during the week day.

Stopping the sneaky extra sugars that have crept in, in the way of “healthy” treats – IE date balls, or the dressings on your salads or the extra juice you have.

How many coffees do you have in a day?

What happens when you get sad, mad or frustrated? What does your food look like then? Do you let your emotions get in the way of you making good decisions and staying focused on the bigger plan/picture?

What happens when you get your period? Do you use it as an excuse every month – “Oh I got my period, so I HAD to have chocolate – the whole block”!!!!!

Think about all the ways you allow yourself to get away with things, write them down.

Write down a food diary for a week, what you eat and drink and how you were feeling and see what a week of your eating looks like. What do you see, what patterns do you see?

Eating food, doesn’t have to hard, nor should you feel guilty for enjoying the odd treat or two.

You just have to be mindfulness of everything you eat.

Once you have nailed this, then you will start to see some amazing results.

Let me know how you get on xx

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