Achieving your Health & Fitness Dreams

I want to talk about positive mindsets today!

When it comes to how we act, what we think, how we view ourselves and what we think we really deserve, our mindset around our beliefs and views controls all of this!

We need to let all our negative thoughts run away.  We need to realign ourselves and develop strategies to help us deal with the “jerk” that tells us we are not worthy, we aren’t smart enough, we have failed before so why bother!!!!”

When this happens, I want you to give this “jerk” a really crazy name and laugh at his/her thoughts, make them become small and let them disappear!  Then I want you to think of the women you are, the women who is deserving, who can have everything they want, with balance for life.  A life that has you in control and running the show!

I want you to know that you are an awesome women and you deserve to live an amazing, beautiful and abundant life.  A life where you believe in yourself, where you feel satisfied and love who you are!

Your perspective is your choice!

The quality of your life is determined by your thoughts and your positive intentions.

Only you have the power over you and you are what you repeatedly do!

Choose to steer yourself down a positive lane, with positive choices and focus your energy on the things that add value to your life!

Make it an amazing day,

Keep on rocking, strong & awesome, till next time,

 Fi xx