Lose Belly Fat!

How to Lose Belly Fat!

Want to Lose Belly Fat???

Yes?Then lift weights!
Why? Because resistance training is superior over other forms of exercise – think cardio – for burning fat–especially belly fat!  Read more here
  • Resistance training builds muscle tissue, which is more metabolically active than fat!
  • As we age we naturally lose muscle & strength!
  • We want to maintain our muscle mass and keep our bone density, so as we age we can live a strong and active life!

The years around menopause can lead to changes we don’t like- such as an increase in body fat, sleep issues, hot flushes, increased aches and pains (inflammation), the list goes on!

Setting a plan in place NOW which includes strength/resistance training as we enter our 40’s and beyond will set us up with an amazing foundation – giving us the ability to thrive as we go through this journey – which should not be done alone!
As a women in the menopause transition and beyond you should prioritise strength-power training in your exercise routine, as hormonal changes make it harder to maintain muscle mass and strength (and the hormone changes increase belly fat storage).
Strength training is looking to be the core foundation across ages for optimizing body composition and health.
If you are a women in her 40’s plus who is training and eating well and not seeing any results – let me know!
Chances are you are either in perimenopause or post menopause and if you are training and eating as you were in your 20’s and 30’s and not getting anywhere then continuing to train like that is only going to lead to more frustration, injuries/body aches and lost of motivation!
What you need is an entirely different approach – a program designed for you as you transition through this next stage – one that empowers you to be strong, fit & healthy and that gets you the results you want!
Now is your time to shine – discover-adapt and thrive!
Live a fit, strong & healthy life now!

Reference – https://www.drstacysims.com/blog/want-to-burn-belly-fat-lift-weigh