How to boost your confidence!

Confidence in yourself!

Do you make promises to yourself?

  • “This week I am going to get up at 6am and do my circuits!”
  • “This week I will plan all my meals & stick to this plan!”
  • “I am going to drink 2 litres of water a day!”
  • “I am going to smash out 5 circuits each week!”

Insert the promise to yourself that you have told or talk about internally!


Do you ever break these promises with another promise to yourself? “Oh well, there’s always next week, I’ll start then!”, or “I never told anyone, so it won’t matter, I can do it tomorrow!”

When it comes to self confidence, it is so important to keep the promises we promise to ourselves.  By not keeping these self promises, we are denying ourselves of great achievement, of feeling in control and breaking them will chip away at your confidence and you will go into a spiral of self-doubt, of stalling instead of achieving.

What you can do to increase your confidence in yourself is to STOP asking for permission and start making bold & brave moves in the direction of your dreams.

I want you to think of something you really want.

What are you going to promise to yourself, right now!

What can you do, to believe in your own self, your own self-worth and build your confidence now, so you will get the RESULTS you want, so you will FEEL the way you want to feel, so you will be STRONG, CONFIDENT & in CONTROL?

Ladies you have got thisnever doubt your own abilities, your own strength, your own power of getting the job done!

Focus on all you are worth and know you can move forward stronger and more confident than ever because you are driven, determined and have the skills, the mindset and motivation to take control and live your life your way!

If you need help with discovering your own self worth, or building on your confidence, then please get in contact and lets work out a plan to help get you started!

Believe in yourself & take action today

Till next time  Fi xx

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