New Start!

I like to think that the start of a new term gives us a chance to refocus, to think about what is important to us, to figure out what are truths are and what changes we want to see happen in our world so we can live our best life!.

Term 3 has started so we now have around 9 weeks before the next school holidays to take charge & be in control of us!

I want you to imagine how good you are going to feel at the end of these 9 weeks if you take action now!

If you make awesome decisions towards your own personal self-care!

  • Imagine in 10 weeks if you could be fitter, stronger, toned, more confident?
  • How good is it going to feel that at the end of this term, if you were that much closer to your goal and not dreading the thought of summer?
  • How good is it going to be when you go summer clothes shopping and you can choose to wear what you really want to wear – no restrictions!
  • Imagine loving yourself and what you see in the mirror and being proud and able to walk with confidence!

You know what?  You have an opportunity, you have the chance to take control and really own every decision you make!

If you are ready to embrace who you are, live life your way then take action today that is going to change your future forever!

Be fit, strong, toned, confident and in control! Read here why you should strength train.
Discover your own sense of self!

Take action and write down 4 steps you can take right now to make sure that the next 9 weeks are your best ever?  Achieve 1 each week, then write down 4 more. Knock them out of the park, then focus on 2 more to take you through the end of the 10 weeks! Boom – how awesome are you now? 10 weeks of prioritising you!

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Fi xx

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