Spell Your Name Workout!

🏋️‍♀️💥✨Spell your name workout!


A great fun, simple at home lock-down workout!

🔥1st – Spell your first name – do the exercises that correspond to your name IE – Fiona – this would mean I would do:
F – 10 x Side Shuffle Burpees
I – 20 x Prone Dolphins
O – 20 x Split Lunge Jumps
N – 20 x Dips
A – 10 x Pushups
💪Do your first name 3 x
💪Next do your surname and do this 2x thru
💪Finish with your middle name and do this once thru
✅🎈Do a name of someone in your same bubble!!!
🌟😅Have fun and let me know what your name “made” you do today!!!