Do you have “those” days?

Do you have days where you just feel “flat”?

Nothing in particular is wrong, you just feel “blah”! We all have these days! It’s totally normal!

But I know the key for me with dealing with them is to eat well – make good choices and to also do my workout!

I always do at least 15 minutes of exercise on these days and after that if I still feel a bit low, I can stop knowing I have controlled what I can. I know that I haven’t let my mind and emotions win and I have “DONE GOOD”.

So when you have these days (and you will), don’t give into the temptations around you – the chocolate or wine, won’t make you feel “AMAZING”!

A good workout and making controlled and wise eating choices is what is going to give you your **”BUZZ” **back – then a good nights sleep, knowing tomorrow is another day!

Oh and don’t forget to LAUGH LOUD & SMILE HEAPS – it will make you feel so, so, so GOOD! xx

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