Recognise your own self care!

I have to share this moment….

💖It is one of those moments that makes me LOVE my job and all the amazing ladies I help discover that life can be lived the way you want it to be!

On Monday one of my awesome ladies rocked up to group and said “hey Fi, you will be proud
of me, I have just walked away from my boss and the issue she is dealing with
as it’s her problem not mine to get to group!”

What an OMG moment – this amazing, strong woman, has taken back control, she has put
her own self-care, her wants first, she has prioritised HER!

Did this happen overnight? No! Has it been something we have being working on for a long time? Yes!

But that doesn’t matter, it has finally happen and nothing could make me prouder!

This is huge, this is such a big step. This is the sign of determination!

In our busy worlds’, our busy time poor lives, putting others before ourselves and
pleasing everyone else first is usually what we allow to happen.

We tend to put own wants, dreams and desires last when in fact they should be number 1 on our list.

Well NO MORE ladies, the time has come as women who want to live a life that matters, that want to be strong, fit and sexy!

We are going to say “no” to stuff that doesn’t actually suit us!

It is OK to say “later after I have done something for me first”, it is ok to walk away
and deal with it the next day! It is just absolutely 100% OK to say NO!!! I
have to look after ME FIRST and then I can deal with …….”

Ladies I give you permission to put your own happiness, your own self-care first and to say “NO” to others if they are trying to block your path to success!

I want you to put all of yourself into this journey, this adventure you are on and
fully commit.

Will it be easy? Will it be a smooth ride? Hell no!!! There will be hurdles, there will be obstacles, but having the right support, the right mindset, direction and
desire to achieve ALL that you want out of life will keep you on the right
track, will help you overcome and go over and around the obstacles and you know what? You WILL become stronger, more mindful and YOU WILL WIN!

When I texted this amazing and awesome lady to ask her if I could write about her achievement this week she said absolutely and she also texted this back “I just
want to priortise exercise and for once I actually did!”

Congratulations my friend – this is the start of a new chapter in your life!

Ladies if you are ready to start your own chapter and yes maybe it has to start at
Chapter 1, then reach out to me and jump on board for a FREE Success Call to
find out how you can learn to take charge of your life, your own self-care and
prioritise YOU!

Just to help you figure this out in context – this amazing lady is a wife whose husbands schedule can change last minute causing her to change her plans, she works, and she has 2 small children. So, this achievement is no small feat. It is one that should be celebrated!

Show your support to all the busy women who need to know they are important too!

Much love

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