Don’t use winter as your excuse!!

Ok winter….

It seems you have finally reached our shores!!!

So what does it mean for your health & fitness plan, for your mental wellness??

What can happen next is a choice for you -you can choose to do 2 things!

#1 – Hibernate and hide under our winter coats and clothes and use the excuse that it’s too cold, it’s too hard, it’s too dark outside, I will wait until the weather warms up to do …(insert what it is here that you want to achieve) – basically use excuses as to why we can’t take steps towards the becoming the women we want to be and deserve to be!

#2 – of course the other option is to actually say, right, today is the day that I take charge!  I will take action, I will take steps towards becoming the women I want to be and deserve to be!  Over winter I will take advantage of the time I have in front of me and I will find ways to exercise more, to eat well, to feel good about myself, to be in control, to make positive choices that will make me feel awesome!  To start living my life my way, one that increases my confidence about myself, that lets me be in control!  I will totally own all my choices and be the most amazing version of myself!

Everyone has a choice – we choose to exercise today or tomorrow, everyday of the week, 5 days of the week.  We also choose not to exercise today and to put up barriers or use “life” challenges to allow ourselves and out!  We use the word “try”, “I will try and do xxxxx, which is another way of excusing our behaviour and choices – “we “tried”, but we just couldn’t, so it’s alright, I can just try again tomorrow……!!!”

If you kept on saying this how much would you actually achieve in your life?

Sometimes you have to look at your reason, your goals and your why and ask yourself – do I really want this?  Because when you really do, you don’t keep trying, you finally take action and make it your number 1 priority and you start to get results!

These results are what keeps you motivated, that keep you focused that make you feel good and let you know you can, because ladies you so can get what you want and deserve!

All you need to do is take the first step and identify who it is you want to become, then seek out the right support that is going to help you get there!

Believe in yourself and make yourself your top priority!