It's Never Too Late!

It’s Never Too Late!

Ladies – imagine your world!

  • One where you stop all the fitness hustle and confusion!
  • Where you enjoy being in control of your life!
  • Where you finally get to enjoy and embrace who you are!
  • Where you get to live life with confidence and joy!
  • Where you understand the changes that are happening in your body as you transition through perimenopause and beyond and how to work with the changes rather than against!

Ladies are you sick of the fitness hustle confusion? The next fad diet plan, the next most “amazing” exercise craze???

If you are in your 40s or slightly older, I am going to suggest that “things” are changing in your body! “Yes”???

  • Maybe you are noticing that your waist line is changing?
  • You aren’t getting the results in your training as you once did?
  • Your energy levels are different?
  • Your brain seems to be “foggy”?
  • Your joints ache just that bit more for no apparent reason?
  • You aren’t sleeping as well as you use to!
  • You might be experiencing “hot flushes”!
  • Your stress levels are high!!!
  • You are feeling a higher level of anxiety/depression?

There are many different symptoms and changes that we experience as women as we age and not all of us will get every symptom and for some of you going through the perimenopausal transition it will be a breeze, while for others it will be a nightmare!

The great news is there no need to do this alone or to continue to try to work out what is going on by yourself!

By accepting that this change is happening, understanding it and then working with it, you can continue to experience the changes and results you want.

Did you know that there are changes you can make right now to help you?

As our cycle becomes erratic and then stops, we stop having the fluctuating estrogen and progesterone and this impacts how our body responds.

However there are some great “hacks” that can help you stimulate muscle protein synthesis and lose body fat.

1. Increase your protein intake

We absorb less amino acids from protein as we age, and those aminos are needed for our immune health, brain function, hormone and enzyme function AND muscle growth.

You want lean muscle – it burns more calories at rest and helps protect your joints, keeps you mobile and strong. It’s more compact/dense than body fat so you get the “toned” appearance. Preserving muscle should be a focus at this stage (and every stage really).

I recommend eating protein with each main meal, and also adding in a high quality protein powder as a supplement to help get your total daily intake up.

I like Nothing Naughty.

2 Embrace Strength Training

Increase the stimulus to your body from the workouts you do by adding RESISTANCE (as in weight) and intensity (as in HIIT).

When you do this and follow it up with true recovery, you can continue to hit your workouts with intensity, reaping the reward of the additional muscle stimulus from the higher intensity of the workouts.

Resistance is subjective to you. If you’re an experienced lifter, this is the time to go heavier. If you’re newer to weight training, or training in general, go “heavier” for you. Start by building a functional base with the amazing body-weight workouts , then progress.

3.Understand your lifestyle loads – sleep & stress especially

You all know that sleep is crucial to our health – not getting enough will set us up for failure – we will have no motivation, use it as an excuse to make poor choices – ” I am tired, so I need that whole block of chocolate”, we won’t recover therefore our workouts will be limited and the results we are hoping for WILL NOT HAPPEN!

The stress in your life, from feeling guilty, working, kids also affects the results we get! Some of us handle it better and some of us “lose the plot”!!! But even those who are dealing with it, will have it show up eventually – maybe you have tight muscles, headaches!

Again the results will not happen – so looking at our lifestyle loads and working through them one at a time is so important to your future success.

Lack of sleep and stress can eventually lead to bigger health problems too!

Work with your changing hormones and make the necessary changes so you continue to get the gains & results you want!

I am in this place too “the transition” and I am seeing first hand these changes, but just I am because going through perimenopause (which is the perfect time to implement changes and strategies to help you post-menopause – more to come about the benefits in another email) does not mean I and you have to stop!!

Instead we are going to HIT PLAY – not pause and we are going to implement lifestyle choices and balances to ensure success!

We are going to acknowledge that you are an individual and have unique requirements that will need to be nurtured as you navigate this rocky road of change!

Know that what you once did in your 20’s and 30’s is no longer the right option for you!

To find out more about my training options and how you can continue to live a vibrant and happy life – where you are strong, fit, toned and happy – email and let’s chat about the best option for you. 

Let’s do it together!

Make it an amazing day,

Keep on rocking, strong & awesome, till next time,
 Fi xx

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